Holidays at the Bacherhof.

Because BIO is simply LOGICAL for us.

Personal. Secure. Genuine. That's what holiday time at the Bacherhof feels like. Arrive, unpack and simply let your soul dangle. Three generations live and manage the 400-year-old mountain farm between Mirnock and Millstätter See together.

Stories without smartphones.

You always meet a family member on the bench in front of the farm. A short chat, a trip tip or even a story from days gone by. In any case, it's always entertaining and informative. If the door next to the wooden bench creaks, then you have to pay attention. The skilled family creates a variety of things from the material wood. Useful and oh beautiful things to look at. It's exciting what can be created from a piece of wood.

Self-sufficiency, not just a concept.

The independent production of organic food is a living passion at the Bacherhof. Almost all products at the breakfast table are produced on the farm throughout the year. Guests are always welcome to come and watch the cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, cats and small animals at work. Helping out is also allowed.

Self-sufficiency taken a step further.

The farm's own hydroelectric power plant and the photovoltaic system on the roofs supply all residents on the farm with clean electricity. The tapped mountain spring supplies the drinking water. The forest stands all around provide the comfortable warmth. Handicraft skills are in the cradle of the family. All rooms and the Tradkast'n were built in own work and extended again and again with small details. And that's not all - even the waste water is treated biologically on site.